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Opportunities in the Reserve Unit

Positions available currently are as follows:

An Advanced Reserve Deputy is an individual who is TCLEOSE certified as a Basic Peace Officer or higher and has completed the Travis County Sheriff�s Office Field Training program. An ARD can independently cover shifts for full-time Patrol Deputies as requested.

An Intermediate Reserve Deputy is an individual who is TCLEOSE certified as a Basic Peace Officer or higher and has completed an abbreviated Field Training Program. The abbreviated program will be a multi-phase program that focuses on Officer Safety and validates that the IRD can safely and effectively fulfill a secondary patrol role (i.e., supporting an ARD or full-time Deputy).

A Basic Reserve Deputy is an individual who is TCLEOSE certified as a Basic Peace Officer or higher and has completed the Travis County Sheriff�s Office CODES Course.

An Operations Reserve Deputy is an individual that is TCLEOSE certified as a Basic Peace Officer or higher. Having passed hiring requirements relevant to the job functions that will be performed, this deputy can operate in a non-uniformed capacity assisting various areas of the Sheriff�s Office. These individuals will be authorized to carry a weapon (after meeting all necessary qualification requirements) and wear a badge while on duty (excluding any activities associated with direct Patrol functions). Individuals in this category may be exempted from the Job-Descriptive physical testing (obstacle course) in cases where highly-qualified individuals with broad experience and training can benefit the Office.

A Probationary Reserve Deputy is an individual who has passed the TCLEOSE Exam and has been sworn in as a Reserve Deputy, has served less than one year in the Reserve Unit and has less than two hundred (200) hours service with TCSO. This is not a stand-alone category, but applies to all levels of reserve deputies, including deputies that transfer into the Reserve Unit from full-time status.

A Corrections/Transport/Jailer is an individual who has completed the TCSO COBRA course or BPOC training class with additional classes as required, and is capable of assisting in the Corrections area as needed/trained. These Officers will wear uniforms as required by the function. These Officers are not authorized to carry weapons other than those with which they have been certified and authorized to carry and may do so only when on duty.

A Reserve Technician is a non-licensed member of the Reserve Unit who is in a period of waiting before attending a BPOC Academy. They may assist as requested in various functions but are not permitted to perform any Law Enforcement related functions. Reserve Technicians are not authorized to carry a weapon at any time while on duty and may not operate any Department vehicles. Reserve Technicians must complete a certified TCLEOSE-training academy and pass the TCLEOSE Basic Peace Officer exam within two years of hire date.

Hiring Information

To be hired by the Reserve Unit, applicants must have a clear criminal history, a good driving record and be licensed by the state of Texas as a Peace Officer or Corrections Officer. For deputies, this includes the completion of approximately 660 hours of coursework and training. This training is provided locally by the Capital Area Planning Council (CAPCOG) www.capcog.org, 512-916-6062, and by the Austin Community College, Criminal Justice Department, 512-223-5182. Certified applicants must also pass a reading comprehension and vocabulary test, a job-specific test (physical testing/obstacle course), a law-enforcement deputy entrance exam, a background interview, a background investigation, and the oral interview board. In addition, each application must complete a personal history statement.

Hiring requirements for a reserve corrections officer are identical to those for paid officers. After completing a background check, other required paperwork, and an oral board, reserve correction officers are sworn in and given a temporary license as correction officers. New officers are assigned to field training officers for on the job training. During the first year, training is provided at the TCSO Training Academy to increase the officers� skills and proficiencies, and also to prepare them to become certified by the State of Texas as corrections officers after completion of a 96-hour course. Reserve Corrections Officers will be used by the Corrections Bureau to enhance their operations.

TCSO is continuously looking for qualified men and women who are interested in providing a great service to their community in this capacity. If you are interested in joining the Reserve Unit or have questions about the training requirements or the hiring process, please contact Capt. Mark Grosvenor.

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